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Our Story

At NeatBooks, our journey began with a vision to support and uplift small businesses through reliable bookkeeping and business administration services. We understand the challenges faced by small business owners in managing their finances and administrative tasks while striving for growth. With a passion for systems and simple solutions, we founded NeatBooks to be a trusted partner, helping businesses thrive without the burden of paperwork.

We aim to grow alongside our clients, building lasting relationships and witnessing their successes. Our team of dedicated professionals embraces innovative technologies and industry best practices to deliver top-tier solutions. NeatBooks is committed to empowering entrepreneurs with the freedom to pursue their passions, secure in the knowledge that their financials are in capable hands.


Katherine Brant

I am a bookkeeper, administrator and financial consultant with a passion for helping businesses navigate the intricacies of financial management and administrative processes. For over 10 years, I've been devoted to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners in streamlining their operations and achieving their goals.

Located in Austin, Texas

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